Welcome/Karibu: My name is WAWESH MJANJA and I am the Creative African Professional they told you about!


Robert “Wawesh” Kiboy is an established professional in the entertainment industry. He has a great experience in leading projects, organizations, developing concepts, managing talent and media production. Wawesh is mainly known as a music composer, songwriter and producer for award-winning talent and diverse music catalogue. As a true visionary he has great hope for Africa and its huge intellectual property potential, the VISION is to help build a sustainable & competent, globally recognized East African Entertainment market that will inspire & develop innovative stake holders to be influential agents of change both locally & internationally. The MISSION is via selecting & developing outstanding innovative talent, projects and products by producing, promoting, exposing & distributing their high quality & pioneering content to the local & global market. In Nairobi, Kenya where Wawesh operates from the passion for change and supporting the community is further extended through UWEZO Awareness Organization (Founder) and MESH Kenya Foundation (Co-Founder). Wawesh has in the past also founded the successful non-profit initiative such as PENYA AFRICA and the Grammy-nominated Swedish production company BLaO Entertainment AB. A newly added passion and skills development is composing for TV & Film.



I hope you support and enjoy the following sample of my work.


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